{beautifully rooted} home sweet home

Yes, home sweet home.
So cliche. Yet, so true.


To know me is to know that I have a serious case of wanderlust....a deep desire to explore and take in the great big world God made. That said, at the end of the day, there truly is no place I'd rather be than home with my family and all the comfort that home is.  I'm wracking my brain to come up with words strong enough to express how very thankful I am that home is where I get to spend my days, serving Him here with these kids He's given me to raise for this fleeting time.


Yes, I know that everything "bird" is overused nowadays but I do have to say that our home really is like a nest.  (I am a "contented sparrow", after all. :)  A place where the family of birds is safe and dry and cared for, a sanctuary where they are nourished, if you will.

Because I'm geeky like that, I looked up the definitions of "sanctuary" and "nourish"....

sanc·tu·ar·y   /ˈsaNG(k)CHo͞oˌerē/
1. a place of refuge or safety
nour·ish   /nur-ish, nuhr-/ 
1. to supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth
2. to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.
3. to strengthen, build up, or promote


And I asked myself, am I doing that? Providing a safe refuge for my husband and children and anyone else who comes through our doors?  Am I supplying in this place all that's needed for growth, health and life...spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally? Am I cherishing, strengthening, building it up?  What do I think that looks like in practical terms?

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  1. beautifully written. Thank you for this today... Truly inspiring. Mica at The Child's Paper

  2. Oh my goodness I just saw your Etsy announcement off to the side. I cant wait! Its about time you did this:)


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!