winnie mae

Well, hello there!
Long time no blog post.
My time away was blessed and
I missed y'all and
I'll talk more about that time later in the week
because I have more important news to share today.

Tell me....could you resist this face?

Yeh, we couldn't either.
God gave us this crazy-wonderful gift yesterday and we're all aflutter around here.
You know.....that feeling of bringing a newborn baby home and wanting to just sit and stare and ooh and aah over her all day long?  That's us.


You might remember that we recently said goodbye to our longtime companion, our big 'ol yellow lab, Gatsby. We knew we'd eventually get another dog because that's who we are, dog lovers, but didn't expect it would happen this soon or that the dog would be this amazing!


She's a 6-month old Goldendoodle whose previous owner did a loving thing for her and decided she should go to a home where she could be given the attention that she deserved. And, turns out, that home was ours!

Yesterday morning we couldn't have imagined that we'd have the pitter-patter of paw pads in the house again. A blonde furball who would be so sweet and gentle and smart curled up at our feet again. A curly-girl who, although never been leashed before, would walk like a little lady through the pet store as we excitedly picked out new toys and accessories and food. A playful pup who would be bounding through the snow after the kids.


She's truly more than we could hoped for but isn't that the way God works?!
His loving-kindness goes above and beyond what we can imagine.


And, so, in thanks, I scratch down yet another one on the never-ending list of the gifts from God of all grace.
an unexpected second chance to give and receive the unconditional love of a dog,
Winifred "Winnie" Mae

2 things....sorry for the grainy-ick pictures and is the font size here ok?
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  1. I smiled when I saw her on instagram last night-so darling! I can't wait until we are no longer renting and can have a dog. My kids have been asking for years. I like her name, too!

  2. bigger font...that one doesn't "fit" you :) LOVE Winnie...she is a doll and just looks like she perfectly fits with all of you. FUN!!

  3. yay - you're back! i discovered your blog about a month before you took your break, so while you were "away", i got a chance to browse through your archives, but i'm so happy you're posting again.

    i hope your time away was good.

    congrats on your new family member! she's adorable - enjoy!

  4. She's beautiful! I love that God blessed you in such a way. Glad to see you back ;)


  5. Awwww...I love her name:) And funny you should mention the bit about God doing above what we could hope for or imagine...because I was just reading those verses this morning!
    Im so glad to see you're "back!" you've been missed:)

  6. wow SO adorable and cute. You are the second blog writer in a week who got a new dog for their family. That is awesome. Congratulations. (I also love the fact that it is not a small puppy)

  7. She is so darn cute! She makes my heart melt just a little bit too! I'm so glad you were blessed in this way ...getting a dog after losing one can be tricky so I'm happy you got a sweetie! We have a wheaten terrier and every time I see a golden doodle I think they look like a wheaten....cut, cute, cute!

  8. What a precious gift! Glad for your new set of paws :)

  9. Oh Winnie Mae couldn't be anymore perfect! I'm so happy for you and your family and for Winnie!

    It makes me happy when you know that a dog is going to a good warm and caring home. It's like winning the dog lottery for Winnie to get you guys, ha!

    Your blog changes are looking great Megan. :)

  10. So glad to see you back! I sure did miss reading your blog, but totally understand you wanting to take a break.
    Adorable dog ~ love the name!
    Blessings, kathy

  11. i think waffle would be smitten.
    aren't they just the best dogs?!
    you will love her like crazy.
    they could be twins.

  12. congrats! that is so so wonderful as I said on instagram! we bought a goldendoodle in Sept 2007,(she was 7 weeks old)! and we found quickly she was more than we could handle, especially with my health an all, so we went back and forth for a couple of years that we needed to provide for her a better home, so some friends of a friend adopted Hazel this past summer, and she's doing great! She is 4 and 1/2 now, and doing really really great, I am so happy for her. I miss her, but i know her well being is more important...She was CREAM,

    enjoy I know you will! She will need lots and lots of exercise and activity and training, I know you guys can do it! Bless your hearts!


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