on why you'll see this same post here for a while

OK, it's a bit random today but I had just a few things I wanted to share before I leave this space for three weeks. I'm not going to type out a big long explanation other than to say that I'm just taking a Sabbath break from the Internet alongside a fast from some other things until the end of January. It's something God laid on my heart. A time to still and quiet and listen and pray and connect with Him and those in my home. And, you know what? It's painful.....leaving y'all, my friends! But it's 21 days, just 3 weeks really and I know it will be beyond worth it and I'm truly excited. That said, on to my bumbling post....
Ohhh, these days.... this winter sun. It seems too warm to call it winter. I wonder if there's a name for it? You know, like Indian Summer. Indian fall?
There would normally be two feet of snow on that grass by now!
Friday I sat on the front porch, bare feet happy on the warm wooden boards, and marveled that the kids were running around, the boys shirtless nonetheless, in JANUARY in MICHIGAN. Needless to say, the math books waited patiently until the clouds came out.
I smiled at the big Carolina pinecone (from my too-short but blissful visit with her last April) and said a prayer of thanks for the gift of friendship.
After not really having left the house all week, I had been looking forward to getting my favorite latte (quad venti, please) on Saturday morning. We were fresh out of coffee at home so it was going to be my perfect excuse to mosey on over to the Starbucks at the grocery store. Well, my Mr. Man was rabbit hunting (yes, he occasionally hunts whilst I adore all animals....it's a gift I give him but that's a long story for another time) and I came to find out that the battery in my truck was dead as a doornail. Aargh! If you're my friend on Facebook or follow my Instagram photos, this will be old news to you, but I decided to hoof it to the store. It's only 1.5 miles away, thus TOTALLY no big deal but I had already run on the treadmill early that morning. At least I was still in my workout clothes.  I got the kids squared away (and locked in...yep, we're that kind of family, don't judge) and made my little trek to Starbucks through the field, along the deer paths (sigh, beautiful!), down the big hill, around Costco, past the mall (yuck), across the 6-lane road to the store. And, you know what? It was exhilarating! Absolutely glorious! I thought, "Why do I not do this EVERY day?!" I'm thinking it wouldn't be as much fun with a couple gallons of milk in my hands, but otherwise, I'll be doing that more often from now on!
I hate to belabor the point, but cropped pants in January?! Get outta here! gr
-the mall-
-the road-
-the destination- st
-the pink lady for me- ap
-the doughnuts for the waiting kids and SO NOT for me- do
-the trip back-
-the point where my phone died-
-the point where the Costco gas guy gave me a weird look as i climbed the hill behind the station and clambered over the fence-
-the point where i was going to take an artistic photo of my (just about empty already) coffee cup in the deer field-
-that right there is about how i felt-
-is it wrong that I love coffee so much?- cof
The kids survived my absence (for all you worry-worts play-by-the-rules people). Actually, my husband pulled into the driveway right when I was walking up behind the house. He was unsuccessful in the rabbit hunt (score 1 for the bunnies) but he did rid the land owner of a big nuisance, a coyote! I'd post the picture but thought I'd spare you squeamish friends. :) We all hopped into the truck and took a quick trip to see it. The kids proclaimed it cool (yes, even Lucy) and if I didn't focus on it's tongue hanging out, I could appreciate how beautiful it was.....such a bushy tail. Sorry Mr. Coyote (score 2 for the bunnies).  We came home, played Uno, and all blood was forgotten.
I wanted to share pics of the cuckoo clock I told you about....that my parents bought me for Christmas. Actually, I picked it out at the German Market and then my Mom wrapped it up and surprise, Merry Christmas!
Isn't she cute with her little deer and bird and tree? She doesn't cuckoo. I was afraid it would drive us crazy and also there wasn't one that cuckooed AND had a little deer. As I type this in the dark, quiet house, I can hear it ticking away, the little German couple endlessly swinging back and forth. Thanks, Mom and Dad! clock
Well, that's it until January 30 or so. I'll miss you but am very excited to see what God has up His sleeve for me during this break away, this time with wide margins.  *By the way, a woman I've long given thanks for has just written her last blog post and I, per usual, love, love what she had to say about slowing down and margin in one's life. If you have a few minutes, you'll be blessed by her words, I know it. 

May you see His grace in all today.
Much love,
P.S. I almost forgot I wanted to make it clear that if you follow me on Instagram, you'll still see my photos pop up there.  It's my favorite camera with its awesome filters and all.  I'll NEVER take a break from capturing His daily gifts, grace to me!!!  Also, I'll be checking my email once a day but I won't be popping into Facebook at all.
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  1. Happy Sabbath, may you find Him through His Word, in the quiet.


  2. enjoy your break friend!!

    p.s. that cuckoo clock is dreamy!!!!!

  3. you are a faithful daughter, i hope this break provides all that God has in store for your heart.

  4. wide margins...that makes me pause to consider my own.
    go. be. fast. grow. be.

  5. I totally understand and applaud you for the break you'll be taking, although I'll miss you:) 2 or 3 summers ago I really felt led to quit Facebook altogether. It was a huge time suck for me and became like an addiction. It was hard and I had a ton of people telling me not to do it because itd be horrible for my business which was thriving there. But I obeyed. And there has been more blessing in that obedience than I ever thought possible.
    On a side note, the cleaning company just came and made their estimates up. Turns out we'll also need all the duct work cleaned(furnace), rooms will need re-painting,etc... This may take longer than we thought:( Id appreciate (more of) your sweet prayers. :)

  6. Kudos to you friend. I've had those same thoughts, but just have never followed through with them. You'll be missed. Love that last pict.

  7. #1- I love your green nail polish- that is the perfect color

    #2- Awesome that you are taking a break. A quiet soul - that is what I want. I know you will have a great month

    #3- love the cuckoo clock!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!