just popping in here at the tail end of a hard day.....needing to end it with thanks.
#1,227 - #1,237
a fellow homeschooling friend who dropped everything to encourage this homeschool burn-out mama at Starbucks for a couple of hours
friends who rally and reassure
how He uses community to refresh my heart
citrus smoothie in the sunshine
a dusting of white outside
kids swoosh-swooshing in snowpants
a husband who goes to the grocery store
the roll of the dryer
the warmth of the pellet burner
a revitalized spirit straight from the Holy Spirit
tomorrow's a new day
mercies new every single morning
i think i'll do this more often this year....
pop in here without any sort of polished post. journal my real, my hard eucharisteo and not just the lovely.  sound ok?

thanks for journeying with me.
you're part of the community i talk about.
with that in mind,
i've decided to quietly creak open the door to the comments box and
see how it goes.
because He really does use you!

one more thing, if you'd like.... you can visit me over here at Elizabeth's place today.  i'm honored to be guest posting.

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