time well spent


Out and about in the crisp air last week. The field and woods behind our house. A beautiful sunny, snowless December day.

The kids are out there all the time but it's a sad but true fact that, sometimes, this Mommy has to purposefully make time to enjoy creation with them amongst her everyday duties. The things she thinks are "so important" to get done.  It's too easy to think that getting the laundry folded or this or that done is more important than hiking outside with the kids for an hour. And it's S.O. not!

What a gorgeous day! What an amazing Creator!



nature hike


in the woods

fla trock

Oliver was over-the-moon excited about the discovery of this nest stockpiled with berries. :)


race to the top

He continues to open my eyes to what His love is for me. I continue to list out my thanks.....
#1,206 - 1,226

crunchy brown grasses, brown bark, bright red berries, brilliant blue sky
books upon books, satisfying and feeding our curiosity
documentaries that do the same and grip my heart, the human story
melty marshmallows
freshly shorn boys
opportunities to work
opportunities to serve You
camera's lens to capture moments
my good fresh-lemonade-making man
lights twinkling
my limits recognized, handing over control
fresh food in the fridge
the surprise of amazingly kind words
friends that love well
sympathy given
a newly cozy basement and the faint smell of woodsmoke
grace, grace, Your grace
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