nifty thrifty wrapping

Much of my creativity is born of necessity to be so. Does that make sense? For me, making things pretty on a very, very limited budget means I have to either use what I have on hand or dig up what I need from thrift stores or discounted somewhere. It takes more time and thought but is a good thing in the long run. While I LOVE all the colorful and cute wrapping paper from Target and World Market this year, I knew I could find something cute for less $ somewhere. Also, I wanted to do something different than the brown kraft paper I usually use.
You can imagine my glee {can't you?} when I found this faux woodgrain contact paper at the thrift store yesterday. $ .50 total for both rolls. That's $ .50 wrapping paper! CUTE $ .50 wrapping paper, at that! And, it's already sticky.....bonus!
Also, I discovered that white, ruffled coffee filters from the nearby dollar store make great wrapping for stocking stuffers, ornaments, any little thing. Woot-woot.
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