hi-ho, hi-ho.....

My Saturdays lately have looked like this.......
Out the door early, Starbucks, over the river and through the city, down the florist's basement steps, schlep boxes, schelp arrangements, schlep tool kits out to the trucks, up and down the steps over and over, drive, drive, drive, heave-ho flowers into the church, part of a team of busy bees, everyone with their own duties to perform, mine is to fluff up the big arrangements, add in roses, add in hydrangea, shine up the leaves, all perfect?, clean up, pack up, drive, lunch!, drive, hoof the water-logged beauties into the reception, elevators, loading docks, add in sticks, add in orchids, add in lilies, place on tables, balance the hanging candles, everything perfect?, clean up, pack up, drive, drive, drive, unload, drive home, "Hey Kiddos!", phew.

Can I whisper something I found sad about this wedding?  It was beautiful and I'm not judging here but their flowers cost $6,000 MORE than my entire wedding cost.  {Cringe.}
One of the best things about this floral work is getting to see inside all the churches around town.  This church below is perfect for a Christmas wedding with its red velvet seat cushions and carpet and the light pouring in all colored through the Tiffany windows.
My floral work photos are always taken on the fly (rush, rush) so that's my excuse why they're always dark and blurry!







And, sometimes working for the florist means decorating other people's homes for Christmas like this amazing home we trim out every year.


I literally risked my life to decorate the tippy-top of that tree.  Dangling dangerously over the balcony edge!!!!

The boss lady is a foodie and knows that I am, too, so when we had a gap in between the ceremony and reception last Saturday, she brought us to this new fresh pasta shop on the way back to her house. Ohhh, it smelled so good in there. The owner man was rolling out noodles and chatting with the customers. I bought the Smoked Blue Cheese and Black Walnut noodles. :)

The window brought me right back to Italy, where my hubbie and I were blessed to travel through back in 2000.  I couldn't eat pasta with pesto for a loooong time after that trip.  TOO much pesto! :)

And, speaking of that Italy trip, a favored memory is of my man making me fresh-squeezed lemonade in the mornings....the juicy lemon plucked right from the tree in the courtyard that the little old lady swept every day.  So, this Saturday after work, after play, after getting the kids into bed, he and I enjoyed a late meal of that pasta with tall glasses of fresh lemonade and ice.  
Now, no more working until New Year's Eve.  "What??!!," you say.  Yes, someone is getting married ON New Year's Eve.
Not that we ever do anything anyways.
'Cuz we don't.
We're party people like that.

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