Thanksgiving thanks

Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving?
We did.  Thanks was given.   A day of food and family and knitting.  I'm not sure why her face is so sour but she had a good day, too.  She didn't want to leave her cousins' house.
Do you know one of the things I love, love about Thanksgiving? Gravy. Turkey gravy. That once-a-year joy of joys covering my plate. Mmmmm.
I'm going to just cut to the chase and jump right into my never-ending gratitude list.
#1,183 - 1,205
"They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness."
Psalm 145:7

drumstick chomping boy
thick & cozy socks
visiting parents
pecans & chocolate
chunky yarn, quick knitting
still warm(ish) outside
Your sun pouring through the windows, striped light
firstborn engrossed
little one's morning cheeriness
him warming up leftovers
late night sustenance for late night projects
paint on my skin.....progress
music from my phone coming with everywhere, worship close by....a reminder
ability and availability to help out the needy florist during a panicky emergency for her
plans change but never for You, Lord
You go before.......always
Your whisper, grace to heed
You reminding that their pleas are fleeting
cinnamon's fragrance in our noses
a quiet day
a toasty home
real things made
Advent.....starting the glorious countdown

Yes, He is a good God.

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