{remake} pillows on a budget

A good friend of mine recently replaced her tired couches with new neutral ones. She asked me for advice on pillows, as in, how to get cute ones without breaking the bank. {Her style is very warm, very Pottery Barn.)
I told her, "Do you know what I do? Where I find fabric for super cheap? The thrift store. Think of it, all those clothes are made of fabric (duh)! You go pick out a bunch of fabric you like and I'll make the pillows for you."

She did that (all from Goodwill, I think), dropped off to me the clothes and the pillow forms, reusing the loose pillows that came with the couches and 2 small new ones. Besides shirts and a sweater, she also brought me a couple of dishtowels from Target and those (the linen+red ones) turned out so cute.

 Gustily, I chopped up the clothes, wonkily sewed them back together, and, voila, new pillows on the cheap! I hope she doesn't mind the artistic liberties I took. I know she adores all things British, thus the Union Jack pillow. Here's a peek for you (and her) (on my couch in my living room which is undergoing it's own "remake" right now) Hope you like 'em, Jen!




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