on my heart

Hey there. I pray this finds you well! Ready for another week?
So, I'm going to be engrossed in the Compassion trip to Ecuador this week. Engrossed, absorbed, immersed, consumed, obsessed....all those thesaurus words that mean "to hold one's attention". When Ann was in Guatemala and she and the other bloggers wrote and posted photos, my heart cracked and I padded around my house with a heaviness all week (and beyond). Though it was best kind of heaviness. The kind that "breaks my heart for what breaks His". The kind that spurs one on to action. I'm excited to open my eyes, heart, and ears to what God has for me to learn this time.....for how He'll surely show me how to use my burning, aching-to-go for His purposes.
(concert was this)

Friday night, 72 lives were changed through Compassion sponsorships. 72 kids who will taste and see the love of Christ at work. The best thing about advocating for Compassion at events like this is watching the people carefully consider which child to pick as they pore over the photos of waiting kids. One lady said, "Just hand me one without looking. It's like picking out my child. I don't love one more than the other. The one you hand me is the one I'm supposed to have!" Other people search for certain birthdays, someone wants a little girl from Haiti, another, a boy from Kenya who is a "priority", which means he's been waiting more than 9 months for a sponsor. The hardest thing about volunteering? All those faces, all those kids waiting and wanting to sponsor each and every one of them. I dare you to take a look and not feel the same way.

Sigh.  It's late and I really want to be up early tomorrow, so I'll leave it at that tonight.
Much love, M Pin It