HE's my home

The florist I work for sometimes called me from her vacation out of state yesterday with a frantic request,
"Hello? Oh, hi, Beth. What? You need me to come in to make an arrangement for a funeral? For your best client, huh? I think I can work that out. You're welcome."
Drive, drive, drive.....20 minutes through downtown and over to the east side of town.
Where I grew up.
Well, we moved there from another state when I was 10 but it's the place I think of as my "hometown".
Flowers, done. "Yep, I'd like to receive that."
"Oh, boy....since I'm over here already, I can go get my favorite bruschetta from my favorite take-out place for dinner! Wahoo!!"
"You know what, my little hometown is really cute. Idyllic even. The lake setting and all. It's really changed a lot in the past few years. So many great restaurants! And, sniff, I sure do miss my grocery store and my library overlooking the sailboats."
"Mmmmmmmm, it smells soooo good in here." Salivating.

"Maybe I'l drive by the house I grew up in."
"Wow, it looks and feels SO different with that big maple tree missing from the front yard."
"Heehee, how I loved to climb out my window onto the roof of the garage and stare up at the stars."

"Now I'll just zip by my first home.....the one he and I bought when we were newlyweds, the one we brought our newborn boys home to."  Memories so sweet.
"Why in the world they tore down our white picket fence and ripped out the landscaping is beyond me.  And, whoa.....our one-year anniversary gift, that birch tree, is HUGE now!"

And on the winding way back home, my thoughts turned to prayer....
"Lord, although it was seemingly idyllic over there in my little hometown, I know the truth is it was simply a shiny veneer like everywhere else.  I'm so thankful for where You've brought us, for how You've grown us like that tree.  I'm grateful for where you have us n.o.w.  Home is truly wherever You are."

P.S.   Look at these cute little felt houses to make that I found via Heather's blog.  Aren't they adorable all lit up with their little LED votives inside?  Here's the blog post with tutorial.

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