rearranging in & out

Hey there.
Did you have good weekend?
Know what I did?
A whole
nothingwhich felt great.
After grocery shopping on Saturday, I was looking forward to spending the afternoon in my sunny bedroom doing something creative. I'm blessed to have space in there for a sewing/crafting area and it's my favorite place to be on a quiet afternoon. I flung open all the windows and had intentions of firing up the sewing machine. But then I could hear my closet calling me, taunting me. "I'm a mess. Do you really think you're going to wear any of these summer clothes again this year? It's cold outside! You can't really sew something when I look like this, can you?"
So, instead of stitching together, I spent the afternoon inside my closet.....just me, my Starbucks and an Irish movie on Netflix. I sorted through, hung up, organized, packed away. If something wasn't worn this summer or wasn't likely to be worn this winter, it was relegated to the give-away pile. I guess closet organizing is just a different kind of creativity and the end result was just as satisfying as if I'd stitched up a pillow.
Bye-bye clothes I don't wear.
And just as I sorted through the closet's mess, in my mind now I look back on what I see as our messy week, certainly full of disorganization and things we don't want to put on again and I'm going to rearrange it into something lovely by remembering how He was there through it all. As Ann always says, "All is grace," and I'm going to gather up a pile of His graces here to be treasured, remembered and given thanks for.
#1,136 - 1,158
comfort food dinner cooked by his mom, celebrating his dad's birthday
my boy always in the tippy-top of their tree. every single visit. (Can you spot him?)
His protection over exploring boys
my feet cozied against his
and firstborn who comes for a snuggle
threads to keep my hands busy
kids laughter breezing in through the windows
sun POURING through those windows, puddling on the ground
sneaking away for a bath while the sun is still up....bliss
the library......books for free?! what would we ever do without the library?
dishes clean at the push of a button
the clank of dishes put away by boys
doing Little Girl's job for her when she's in bed
cozying up next to him in the dark with a hot chocolate and marshmallows
in school this week, reading about the courage of Brother Andrew and , "Please, please, please just one more chapter, Mom?"
expanding minds despite Mommy's mess
their drawings, how they see
a cup of water with ice-clanging
headache gone
deep down joy that goes beyond circumstances
He's really enough
His mercies anew every morning!!!
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