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“When the fiddle had stopped singing Laura called out softly, "What are days of auld lang syne, Pa?" 
"They are the days of a long time ago, Laura," Pa said. "Go to sleep, now." 
But Laura lay awake a little while, listening to Pa's fiddle softly playing and to the lonely sound of the wind in the Big Woods,… 
She was glad that the cozy house, and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago.” 
― Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House in the Big Woods

I think the Indian Summer is officially over.  Sniff. But as dark as these rainy, chilly days have been, we've all been content here to snuggle into home.  Crafts are covering the dining table again.  The hot glue gun is dripping.  Hands are wrapped around warm mugs.  The crock pot is bubbling away, the oven hot. The boys have been digging some sort of trench through the weeds and dirt out back and thus the days of washing wet, muddy coats and pants are back, as well.
This "Chubby Hubby" bar recipe I had seen on Pinterest has been on my "to make" list for a while but when I went to make them I didn't have pretzels.  Duh.  But the dough? Oh, so good.  I don't think I'll ever make chocolate chip cookies again without sea salt.  The pockets of saltiness temper the sweet of the cookie and make them divine!
Forgive me if I've posted this SmallTalkStudio print before (in fact, I'm almost positive I did).  I can't help myself.  It just makes me smile every time.  (Found here on etsy).
Hot spiced cider and reading together on the couch.
Late breakfasts of pancakes with peanut butter and hot maple syrup.
Another Etsy print I love (by WillistonLetterCo. here).  I'm sure I could cover every wall in my home with all the happy prints I find on Etsy and also all the lovely DIY ideas on Pinterest.  But, alas, so little wall space, money, & time. :)

Creativity.  Projects.
Another rite of fall for me, going darker with my hair.  Which I love but which also amplifies my grey when it grows back in.  What's up with being SOOOOOO grey at 36???  Sheesh.
Katie Daisy on Etsy has it right.
Live in awe.......
of what He's given you in the......
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