makin' hay (not really)

Something you certainly didn't know about me.....
I love, love, love the smell of hay and straw.
Walking into a hay barn in autumn, bliss.
I don't know if it's because it conjures up memories
of youth group hay rides or what.
That dry, sweet, earthy smell just makes me happy.

I spent a good part of Saturday winterizing the chicken's coop.  They surely didn't need their run stuffed full of straw but I needed a good excuse to bring home a bale.  And, as I've declared war on the mice this year, I boarded up every little hole into the coop.....in the dark with a headlamp, nonetheless.  I wonder what the drowsy hens thought I was doing?!




These chicken ladies surely are one of God's gifts to me.  They make me feel like a farmer on our little suburban piece of land.  3 chickens and a small coop......it's the next best thing to having this, right? :)
(You'll want to visit the owner of that barn's fabulous blog right here.  Meadowbrook Farm in Montana.....sigh.)
Another happy thing in my backyard.....heat coming off the compost pile.  Science is cool.
I know it's totally unrelated but I stopped to take a picture of this moving sight by my house the other day.  It was for a fallen police officer's funeral.  There were thousands of people there and officers on horseback in the parking lot.  Sad.  But a beautiful way to honor his service.
Well, I need to sign off. The kiddos and I are heading out on a little road trip for a quick visit with my parents and also, a friend (yippee!). Looks like it's going to be sunny driving.....woo-hoo!  And my favorite coffee will be waiting for me on the way....double woo-hoo!  My regular computer will be staying home so if I blog anything it will be a first smartphone post for me. (We'll see how that goes.)

I pray you have a lovely week......
seeing Him in it all.
God goes with you,
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