simply celebrating her 5th from morning 'til night




her request - "pancakes with butter and syrup only. no raspberries, mommy."
"pretty please, can we go to that one playground?"

home. mommy cleans, works on homeschool prep (we'll start on monday). i tell her she needs to choose something fresh for lunch. "one big banana with peanut butter, coming right up." birthday girl plays with her neighborhood friend who's home from his half day of school. and then with the mob of friends when they get off the bus at 3:30.

"grandma's waffles? seriously, you want waffles for dinner when you had pancakes for breakfast?"  (*waffle recipe below)



"laura and mary books?! all of them? yeah!"
(a thrifted set of little house books.)
"{squeal} mommy! you got me what i wanted! ooooo, it's just like the one in the book!
oh, she's so cute. she twirls!"


(mommy searched high and low for the right jewelry box....one that was simple, had a great ballerina with a real tutu, and reasonably priced.  SO many are just ick.  i almost bought a fun vintage one on etsy but knew it was made of cardboard and wouldn't hold up around here very long.  after much debate, i finally settled on this one and was very pleased when it arrived in the mail on time.  sturdy, simple, darling ballerina.) 
outside. play. run, run, run.
(hopefully running off some of dinner's sweet before yet more sugar. blah.)

"{gasp, giggle} tiny ballerinas!!!!"

(the tiny dancers arrived lightning speed from a seller on etsy.  i also bought two 5" dancers that will go on her cake for her official birthday party with grandparents on saturday.)

"go brush your teeth really good, little girl. we'll be up to read to you in a minute."

thank You, Lord, for the gift of her and these 5 years You've given.

Nora's Belgian Waffles......yum
1 pkg yeast (active dry)
dissolved in 2 cups lukewarm milk, warm to the touch, not hot
separate 4 eggs. set whites aside. beat yolks, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 T sugar, 2-1/2 cups flour, 1/2 cup melted butter and then the yeasty milk.
beat egg whites until stiff and gently fold into other mixture.
it needs to rise now until just about doubled. about 45 minutes. i put my bowl, uncovered, to rest in the microwave so it's all enclosed and warm. (obviously, i'm not saying to microwave the batter......you got that, right?)
you'll use about one cup of batter for each waffle if you have a belgian-type maker.
recipe doesn't make a ton but it was enough for our family of five. Pin It