i know....

that my "interesting" links over there in the sidebar are all messed up. the font is cuckoo.  sorry about that.  the bookmarking site i use, delicious, has done a big change up.  i suppose i'll figure it out eventually but may i have your grace in the meantime??  thanks!  

by the way, happy friday to you!
in a couple hours an hour, i'm headed over to lake michigan on this dark, cold and blustery day.  the florist needed me again this weekend and today my ladder and i have to hook up heavy cages/trays of foam and greens onto tent poles.  yes, an outdoor wedding in michigan in nearly october.  (hope the guests bring sweaters!)  then the florist and i will head down there tomorrow and arrange the flowers into the foam.  can you picture what i'm talking about?  well, this is the gist of what it will look like...the GIST of what tent pole flowers look like....not the cheesiness that those flowers pictured below are...
(also, sorry for the wretched photo.)
yikes!  i've got to go get ready.  
hope you're weekend is all things lovely and fallish and restful
and filled with deep breaths of the fresh air of Christ's love for you.
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