grace for the glasses-wearing girl

This girl is tired. It was a glasses kind of day. I think I heard my eyeballs scream when I had to put my contacts in so I could run to the store for maple syrup.  (It was also a french-toast-for-dinner kind of day).   But, the nanosecond I got home, the contacts came out and the glasses went back on.  So....tired, yes.  But the best possible kind of tired.  The I'm-so-glad-I-did-that kind of tired.

What's my problem, you say? I was up until the wee hours every night this weekend working on a remodeling project. I'm talking 3:00am, people.  You see, my husband and boys were away on their annual fly fishing trip and every time they go, they come home to some sort of surprise....a room painted or completely rearranged, etc. So, not wanting to disappoint, I took on my dark kitchen....Phase 1, I called it.  At the risk of whining or sounding discontented or unappreciative, I have to be honest here and share that since the day we moved in, I've wanted to paint the cupboards white but my husband, for some strange reason, thought that painting 5-year-old cupboards was craziness.  I can thoroughly appreciate the beauty of wood in other people's homes but I thrive in light and bright surroundings.  I'm sorry to admit but sometimes the atmosphere affects my mood.  There are times when I walk into my kitchen and inwardly groan, "It's just sooo dark in here."

Oh man, this post really wasn't meant to be about my project....that will be for another time.  But I wanted to explain why this post is short on words and why the photos are from LAST weekend.
The air was crisp that sunny weekend and I was craving all things fall. We took a drive through the country and the turning leaves to meander through an annual fall festival.  First we took a short stroll over the covered bridge and through the tiny historic village, though.  (Ohhh, how I love me a historic village.)


While Hubbie was in the line for hot apple dumplings, I took the girls (Lucy and her neighbor friend) to get their faces painted which I guess now-a-days means magic markered instead of actually painted.  That marker was on there for 3 days.
Fresh cut fries were enjoyed by all as they shared the stage with the guitar-strummin' musicians.
On the drive home, I marveled at how a number of trees are already showing their autumn colors.....no such king is dressed as those trees.  And my heart swelled at the thought of our Creator God who loves us so.
"I will meditate on your wonderful works.
They tell of the power of your awesome works—
and I will proclaim your great deeds.
They celebrate your abundant goodness and
joyfully sing of your righteousness." 

Psalm 145:5-7
I celebrate His abundant goodness and continue to count out the ways here.....#1,118 - 1,135

grace for the weary
strength and endurance to get a job done
power tool confidence
me and my tired eyes get to stay home
a grace-filled husband who understands and acquiesces to his wife's crazy ideas and desires in regards to our nest
friends who encourage
dear sisters in Christ
the return of the pumpkin spice latte...soooo not a trivial thing
fiery fall color
zinnias still in bloom, rainbow of color to bring inside
firstborn hug and when did he get that tall?
her laugh and the gap between her teeth
their acceptance of their mess-of-a-teacher-mom
the menfolk fighting fish and their memories made
new read-alouds in the mail
grace.....e.v.e.r.y. day

And...one more thing....her post today? About what matters....about grace? You'll not want to miss it. Pin It