flavor for the winter


( He flopped down on the couch yesterday with my Mom's childhood cookbook circa 1955.  He must have been bored.)

I spent some time in the garden yesterday. Just the grasshoppers and I. OHHHH, the weather was gorgeous. Cool air and breeze. Warm sun. Blue sky.
Wanting to be a good steward of the things we've grown, I had plans to preserve all my garden herbs. Those delightful green gifts that have so brightly flavored all our meals this summer. What would I do without them?! So, I'm trying my hand at drying them, all except for the chives which, because of their moisture content, needed to be flash frozen. (And then put in bags.  It worked great!  I'll be able to just reach in the bag whenever I need a sprinkling of green.)
flash freeze
So now, hanging on my "pot rack" ladder, are little bunches of fragrant leaves. I read online that some people hang them inside brown bags to keep the dust off but I didn't want to look at those all winter long. If you come over to eat, I promise I'll blow the dust off before I sprinkle herbs over our meal!



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