around my neck and on my heart today

Remember when you beautiful people gave out of the overflow of Christ's love in your hearts? When you put shoes on the shoeless at the House of Hope in Kenya? I don't know what brought about thoughts of them, the orphans, this morning (well, I do....the Holy Spirit) but as I was getting ready, putting my jewelry on, I was reminded of something. Something that I felt prompted to share here. Another way to care for the fatherless and the widows and the needing.

As I slipped on the necklace that I bought last week made by Ugandan hands, supporting women at risk, I was reminded, "Hey, I think there's a jewelry ministry that supports the House of Hope. Duh, I had totally forgotten that." My hair still wet and in need of a blow dry, I raced downstairs and pulled up the website, just needing to see with my eyes what these African women are making. The women are paid a fair wage and then 80% of the profits go straight into the orphanges, including the House of Hope, that are supported through Heart of the Bride.

 I know, believe me, I know that this is being thrown in your face all the time, that there are an overwhelming number of organizations vying for your heart and support. The need is great.  But I thought it couldn't hurt and that maybe you'd like the opportunity to see what's available to support the community and the orphans you already so generously gave to, the kids that God placed on your hearts.  
You, obviously, can go right to their website but here are some pictures of what's available for sale...(I'm thinking Christmas gifts.)

All made by women with stories like Mary's.....
(and many more to be read over here...)

Mary Mugure

Mary is a widow and mother of four.  Her children range in age from 2 to 20 years.  Mary use to travel for more than 5km to harvest food for her family.  She has been able to purchase an acre of land and has planted a garden.  She even has some chickens and a goat now.  She no longer has to borrow from her neighbors and is thrilled that she is able to share with them.  She says she is so thankful for the work she has with Back to Africa.  It has been difficult for her to be both mother and father to her children, but she now thanks God because He has taken them from a very desperate place to a good place.  Please pray that this jewelry project will continue and sustain so that she can continue to provide for her family and not depend on others.

Thanks for looking and for allowing me to use this blog to share things God lays on my heart.
Much love to you today,
Megan Pin It