what i did this summer

If you care to have a peek, here are some photos of that trade show booth that had me all aflutter last week.....and all summer long.  A long-time friend of ours (who's like family), a produce broker, takes part in a food show every year and asked me to design his company's booth, like I had done last year.
I put major pressure on myself because in my own mind, I needed to outdo what I had done last year!  My theme was "From the Field to the Table" and I did have fun this summer gathering up all the goods to create the scene I imagined in my head.  I don't know what I would have done without Craigslist!  As we drove all over tarnation this summer buying up this and that, my patient husband had to trust that I knew what I was doing.  "It's for the booth, honey."
By July, I had the 20'x10' booth set up in the garage (as I've mentioned before) and would tweak it every day.  My husband would find me out there just standing and staring.  Or rearranging for the 10th time.  My normally-non-existent perfectionist streak is ablaze when I've got a job to do for someone else.

By His grace, it turned out great!  Such satisfaction was found in seeing my idea and hard work come to life in front of my eyes!

Sorry for the under-the-fluorescent-lighting bad photographs. Someone needs to teach me how to shoot manual!

I found that travel-sticker-covered vintage fridge at an estate sale for $20! Woo-hoo! (Which is not what the guys were exclaiming when they had to lug that beast around.) I downloaded the vintage produce crate labels online and had them printed onto sticker paper to stick there on the fridge and also onto some of the apple crates.  And it worked out perfect to hold the magnets the company was giving away.


I think the best part was and IS all the endless bounty of colorful fruits and veggies that God made!





Badly spliced together photo ;(

Here's a bit of what set-up looked like. I couldn't have done it with out the help of my awesome hubbie and my beautiful, like-a-sister-friend whose husband was the one we were doing it for.
The pictures can't show how HOT is was in there!


If you made it to the end, sorry to bore you with so many photos.  I needed them gathered into one space so as to clearly remember what I did.  And try to outdo it again next year.  We already have our idea!

Wishing you a day overflowing with His bountiful blessings!
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