a rainbow of finds


OK, so I'm really not a consuming, estate sale-junkie. I know it must seem that way with sale posts two days in a row.  Yesterday and today were only the 3rd and 4th sales I've been to all summer. I actually have an excuse a legitimate reason to go to them.  I've been searching out items for that big work project thing I've been crazy hard at work on.  (You should see my garage!) This morning I scored a few great items for the trade-show booth and now I'm pretty much set for that.  (Bigger and better than last year!)

But I did find a few happy things for myself that have inspired a front porch mini-makeover. Maybe I'll share some porch pictures next week but here are the cheery things I found today..
rainbow chair
I'd been looking for vintage webbed chairs like these....yeah!  And, guess what?  $2.
Meg will be salivating over the rainbow one. :)

turquoise chair

blue goose

orange broom
That's an old, handpainted child's chalkboard.  Awww.

vintage chalkboard
This tomato box will be perfect for my booth, right?!

greenhouse tomatoes box
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