margin, reunions and thanks

Creaking door open.....
peeking head through....
yep, the blog's still here.
Same as when I left it.
It's seems like it's been forever since I posted anything here.
And now I'm back with the most uninspiring post title.  Sorry.

Real-life deadlines, responsibilities, busyness and conversely, the summer sun, breezes and these growing kids don't mix well with blogging for me. I don't know how some handle it with such grace. Taking blogging off my plate for a bit took a weight off. Simply telling myself, "It's OK to NOT blog today," provided a nice margin in my life.

 Some people truly thrive and are energized with a full plate, running here and there and everywhere, but I just don't. I fill up my reserves by maintaining a wide margin, making few plans, staying home, assuring space to be spontaneous....spontaneously serve, play, teach, reach out. Simply said, I need time in my life just to stop and smell the daisies...and thank God for them! (My wise friend, Aimee, speaks about margin much more eloquently than I ever could and I especially appreciated this plainly put post here. Also, Ann's words about why it's OK to slow down.)

After the longest day last week (the trade show booth, finally done, I'll share pics of that another day), when my husband and I had just finished unloading the big truck in our driveway, we stopped to breathe in the cool night air and had that breath taken away by the stunning work of God's hands. A thunderstorm was raging to the south of us and we had a bird's eye view of the clouds filled with lightning, strike after strike. I tried to capture it in my camera but that beauty couldn't be held or conveyed. It just occurred to me that to the people in and under the storm, it must have been dark and scary but back where we were, we could see it from beginning to end and it was beautiful. Isn't that a perfect picture of God? He knows the storms we go through but because He sees the whole story, the beginning to the end, He says, "Don't fear. It's beautiful."
Whoa, don't know where that came from.
So, continuing to count His grace in my life,
#1,084 - the storm
#1,085 - the boy's wonderful camp experience
#1,086 - their confidence, "Your boys had zero homesickness issues!"
#1,087 - "The best part was praise & worship & chapel, Mom!"
and pick-up....sooo very dirty. One to-remain-nameless son wore the same clothes ALL week!!!
While picking up the boys from their cabin, we got to witness the coolest thing! One of their bunkmates had/has a military dad who'd been serving overseas for the past year. We walked up right when the dad was there to surprise his son! (Oh my...whipping out camera!) Needless to say, all of us spectators were misty-eyed and clapping.
Doesn't it give you goosebumps??!
The little boy was in shock at first. He looked right past his dad and yelled to his mom, "MOM!?! DAD'S HERE!"
Then it sunk in and he was off in a flash into his Dad's waiting arms.


Awww. Sniff-sniff.
Yet another picture of God's love for us.....His waiting arms!
Man, they're everywhere if you've got the eyes to see!

#1,088 - joyful reunions here & now and someday
#1,089 - crisp mornings and sun-warmed days
#1,090 - the smell of late summer, fall on the cusp
#1,091 - bubbly baths for exhilarated, exhausted and soon-to-be-clean boys
#1,092 - a task completed, the satisfaction of a job well-done
#1,093 - loved ones who loved on her this week
#1,094 - fearless girl
#1,095 - overflowing harvest
#1,096 - getting my hands dirty in the kitchen again....soul food
#1,097 - the generosity of good friends
#1,098 - margin
#1,099 - breathing in His words
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