I watched an episode of American Pickers on Netflix yesterday while baking and Mike introduced me to a new term: junk drunk. Yep, that's me today.

I found the coolest thing this morning at an old lady estate sale. Just to make you wait a little longer, let me preface the photo with what I found out about it after I got home.
"The Albert Pick and Company was incorporated in 1857, by Albert Pick I and his brother Charles. The business was a prosperous hotel and restaurant supply company, and was located on 5th Avenue (later, Randolph and Wells), in Chicago, Illinois. 
In 1926, the Albert Pick Co. was sold to a group of New York investment bankers and became known as Albert Pick Co., Inc."*source

Ok, ready? (Too bad you can't see the great casters that are on the bottom.)
This awesome crate is pre-1926. The wood is in such great shape because someone had painstakingly covered it with fabric (which, on the outside was aged to a dark brown and falling off in tatters). Hinges, handles and casters were added at some point, too.

This will clean up nicely and look so cool as a coffee table or....hmm....I'm not sure yet. After I took this photo, I tore away the scraps of fabric still hanging off the front and sides.

When I pulled up to the sale and saw it sitting there outside, I gasped and mentally told myself that if it wasn't sold already, I'd buy it with the birthday money I just got. There was no price, so I asked and what do you think I was told?

Nope. I got it for a steal at $15!!!
Oh, yes I did.

And I'm quite sure I could have brought it home for less but if you knew me in real life, you'd know that I'm SO NOT a haggler.

The name was imprinted on the side.....there's depth to it.
And, while, like I said, the outer fabric was a mess, the inside is still pretty colorful.


Hurray for me!
Have you found any treasures lately?
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