august at home

Just popping in with a quick, "Hi there!", and some snapshots of life around here lately.
This girl who's always had a bad case of wanderlust is actually perfectly content with spending the last month of summer at home. Even though my husband is a teacher, his coaching schedule doesn't permit us to travel in August and this year, I'm truly glad for it. The weather couldn't be more beautiful....the sun shining bright every day and the nights cool.  The windows are flung open.  The kids are blazing through the streets on their bikes and bringing wildlife inside.

These Frog and Toad Are Friends critters are both missing somewhere in the house. I'm hoping they made a break for it when a door was left open!
Mr. Monarch emerged from the chrysalis he built underneath one of our kitchen cupboards (after he had escaped from the jar we were keeping him in).
The garden, which got off to a really rough start, is actually producing pretty well. Enough so that I don't need to buy much produce elsewhere. Harvesting carrots and potatoes is our favorite garden chore. How fun it is to dig treasure up out of the dirt!
If I'm cooking, then I'm using fresh garden herbs. I shudder to think what I'll do when they're gone!
Herb butter for hot bread and under the skin of the chicken to be roasted (in my favorite birthday present).
And over my dinner last night......potatoes plucked from the garden moments before with sea salt and butter. My favorite kind of meal when hubbie is away coaching and kids are already fed. Mmmmm.
We were thrilled to find that the wet garden actually produced an edible ear of corn this year.....the first of the season! It was our late night snack after he got home. :)
My lunch of bread with sugared raspberries (that I learned about over at Susan's place.  Thanks, friend!)
I've been packing.  Gulp.....the boys are heading away to camp next week with church. Five whole days! They're going to have a blast and I'll be praying unceasingly!
Otherwise, this is what's been taking up my time and my mental energy. You know....that trade show booth I'm working on. Here I was earlier this morning cutting out crate labels that I had printed onto sticker paper.
Lastly, I hate to leave you with such an ugly picture, but this is where I'm headed right after I click "publish post". It's the reality of my garage right now. And this is only about a third of it. Yikes! There's a garage sale going on down the street and as I type, I can see cars trolling slowly past my open garage. It must look like I'm getting ready to have a monster sale. Last week, someone stopped and asked if I was open for business. Ahhh, soon enough, hopefully by Wednesday, my patient husband will have his garage back and we'll have the dining room table inside again. Yes, it's been out there for a month. Good thing we eat on the porch every night.
You have a lovely day, OK?!
Seeing Him in it all,
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