into the wild: final installment

Well, for the final post on our camping trip, I thought I'd share some random snapshots of Northern Michigan. Maybe you'll be inspired to go? As much as I complain get down about our long winters, Michigan truly is a thing of beauty this time of year.

I'm a big fan of anything that's historic or nostalgic, so this cool, old, kitschy totem pole in Glen Arbor always makes me smile.  I wish the store would have barrels of penny candy and moccasins and fun general store things like that but it doesn't really which is too bad.  I love me a good old-fashioned, down-to-earth general store.
I did find this postcard of a one-room schoolhouse located in the nearby town of Empire.
Just kidding. Sorry. :) Sadly, this beauty was all boarded up, is privately owned and is quickly deteriorating. There were some unboarded and broken windows along one side that Lucy and I peered into.  We could see the ceilings crumbling and water damage.  Such a shame.
We had stopped in at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore visitor's center and looked around a bit. This photo's going to be funny if he grows up to be a real forest ranger. (He's my could-live-outdoors boy, remember?)
Behind glass this time.
The last time we were up here, 4 years ago, we had driven through this housing development called, The New Neighborhood, and walked through of couple of really-cool houses by the architect, Ross Chapin. He's know for designing "sensibly-sized", high-quality, cottage style homes and for developing "pocket neighborhoods" with common green space, alleys, and an old-timey feel.  Ohhhh, the houses are so me.  Not at all the fussiness of the ones pictured below though, more like the details of this house (most definitely NOT in this neighborhood and most definitely NOT small and modest) which are pretty close to my ideal.....porches, metal roof, white, windows, wood, nooks....ahhhh.  And while I think that the pocket neighborhood thing is a lovely idea and perfect for some people, you know (right?) that I'm a private acreage kind of girl.  Not that we have that but, Lord-willing, someday....a small Chapin-ish white farmhouse nestled on land good for growing and animals.  Anyways, back to reality....
Glen Haven is teeny-tiny restored logging village on the shore of Lake Michigan complete with blacksmith and restored general store (which was closed that day...rats!).



The adorable volunteer blacksmith made Oliver this sword out of a nail.





For kicks, we had driven down an unpaved road running towards the lake to see where it went (which was nowhere).  Whoa, it was jungle-y adventure though!
Of course, we ended up at the beach again. Me with my ever-present bracelet (finished it on the car ride home) and found fossils.


And thus ends my camping trip slides, folks. Thanks for sticking around. :)
Next week, I'm thinking it's about time for some.....

See you then!
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