into the wild: day three

We woke up to one of those days that rekindles my "want-to-move-to-the-South" fire. It's wrong and sad really how I allow the weather to affect my attitude but it does sometimes.

But God lovingly snapped me out of it with the wild wonder of Him I found out there in the place where land and water meet.




Lucy and I trekked off the beach into the scrubby terrain to find those boys who'd wondered off.


This windswept beauty reminded me of the burning bush.


We came across hundreds of deer tracks like these.

Some being followed by coyotes. Ah, the circle of life.

Lucy wasn't thrilled about walking barefooted through the pine needles and sticks and pokey plants but she was most disgruntled about having to step over all the deer droppings. "Daddy, carry me on your shoulders!!"



There were a few moments when they all had walked on ahead and left the picture-taking mama behind. I found myself surrounded by an overwhelming stillness, covered by a thick blanket of clouds, the only sounds were the birds, wind through branches, and distant waves. My feet in the sand, solely me, the animals, and God. I closed my eyes, tipped my face to Him, and just breathed Him in deep. It was one of those mountaintop experiences...I didn't want to come down, an unforgettable moment of connection. Gift.

Alas, I DID have to leave (keeping in mind that He goes with) and when I made it back to the trail, I realized that they boys had run ahead down the mile-long path back to the campsite WITH my flip-flops (and Lucy's, too)! So, I had to walk that mile on sharp-edged woodchips and the good daddy shouldered his girl almost the rest of the way home before our shoes were delivered to us (yeah for walkie-talkies)!

It felt great to get cleaned up and circle the campfire.  I worked on my bracelet and helped make hobo pies.  Shredded ham, smoked gouda, swiss, yellow cherry tomatoes and basil on bread slathered with herb butter for Brent and I....mmmmmmmm!

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