into the wild: day one

There's thunder rolling and lightning streaking across the night sky as I sit here typing, a chocolate chip cookie and milk for dunking at my side. Snuggled into the couch. Everyone tucked into their beds. Just back home from four days camping and blissfully tired. Fulfilled but exhausted. You know...like after Thanksgiving dinner.

The five of us had such a wonderful, memorable time being together and experiencing the wonders of God. Sitting here editing my photos, my bleary eyes are smiling recalling our days. But, honestly, I was having doubts about sharing about our trip here in this space. I mean...I was wondering if it's a bit like, "Come on over and see my vacation slides". But then while perusing (and savoring) a wise blogger-friend's words, my doubts seemed silly as she brought me back with the reminder that this blog is a journal of my days to be stored up and treasured. A place for God-glory-giving. Thanks, Susan!

Thus, here they are....into the wild.
The last time we went camping was before Lucy was born. In a tent. With a leaky air mattress. We woke up with only a thin piece of rubber separating us from rocky ground every morning. Plus damp and freezing. We went home early.

This time my sister-in-law generously loaned us her trailer. Oh JOY! I had never camped in one before and it was SO great....comfy and convenient and DRY (of huge importance to me). I was able to make some meals ahead and just pop them in the oven when the weather didn't cooperate for a campfire. And not having to walk to the bathroom in the dark of night? Priceless.

We stayed in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. Northwest Michigan is just gorgeous. The flora, fauna, and terrain diverse and majestic. The first evening we trekked a mile to the beach on a hushed and lush trail, the gem of Lake Michigan the end reward. As it was chilly, we hadn't planned on swimming but the pull of the glassy water was too strong for the kids to resist.



Oh, these stones.  Sigh. I could endlessly search for the perfect one....and I did.  Trouble is, they were all so lovely, precious gems really.  The perfectly smooth ones, the ones with fossils, the sparkly ones.  I wanted to bring them all home.  Just like all of God's creation, I can never get over the diversity of it and the creativity of Him!


Why, thank you for posing, pretty Mr. Insect.

We learned about the cute little endangered piping plover. These bug-filled divots were everywhere close to their nesting grounds. Interesting.




Oh, yes.....wedge salad with smoky bacon and blue cheese.....mmmmmm.



Bedtimes were thrown out the window but when we did finally lay our heads down to sleep the DARK and quiet were overwhelming and awesome.
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