into the wild: day four

"Yeah, it's your birthday today, little buddy, so what would YOU like to do? Float down the river? And then the beach afterwards? Sounds perfect!  And, guess what? We've got a special surprise planned for tonight.  No, we're NOT telling and no, you'll never guess."

"Ohhh, look....it's just standing still on the side of the road!  Pull over!"

"Let's run down here and wave to those boys when they come around the bend, Girlie."
"Hey guys! Is it cold??"

"Whoa, look at those cool bones, Lucy.  Looks like a bird skeleton."
"You guys made it to the lake!  Man, it sure is a little chilly but let's just stay a little while, OK?  Yep, Mommy will be looking for special rocks again."



"Brrr, let's pack up, get cleaned up for your surprise tonight and rest a bit."

So, we pulled into the drive-in movie theater at a strange angle and the kids couldn't see the big screen as we waited at the entrance to pay.  All they saw was a sign saying, Cherry Bowl.
"What? Are we going to a cherry-eating contest? Yuck!  I don't like cherries? Seriously, Mom?  Tell us, tell us!"
After we pulled through the gate and turned towards the screen,
"Wow!  It's one of those old-fashioned places!  What's it called again?  Cool! What movie are we seeing?  What??! You're not going to tell us? Aww, c'mon!"
13 years ago is when my husband and I were last here.  Newlyweds, one year married, and on a camping trip with our just married best friends.  Good times.  It's unbelievable how different our life looks just 13 years later.  Three beautiful, growing-quickly children.  Simply amazing.  He's truly blessed us.

"It's FINALLY starting! Cars 2?!  I love you, Daddy!  I love you, Mommy!"
Snuggled under a blanket in my chair in the bed of the truck, I was all set with my coffee and my friendship bracelet (until the darkness completely took over).  Unfortunately, the movie didn't START until 10:15pm so, needless to say, the sweet birthday boy was asleep before the halfway mark and Lucy and I ended up sleeping inside the truck.  So, 2 out of 5 really enjoyed it.  (We couldn't believe that people actually stayed for the second movie of the double-feature!  Man, we must be old.)

When we got back to the campsite and had laid the kids down in their beds, we stepped outside a moment to take in the stars.  Back at home, we're surrounded by lights but the campsite was cloaked in utter darkness for miles around so the stars showed themselves brilliantly.  I felt incredibly small and my breath was taken away.  It was one time I actually didn't want to go to bed.

"You are amazing, God."

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