her & i: intentionality in friendship

We billed it as a Mommy-rejuvenation day. We hadn't gotten together JUST US the entire summer nor well-before come to think of it. Planning our day last week she wondered if we'd be beat by the heat, "Maybe we should reschedule?" But I insisted we go anyway, reasoning that if we tried to reschedule, it might never happen. Our lives with little ones and husbands and homes to care for keeps us (happily) busy.

 While we adore spending time together, it does take intentionality to make it happen.  The time we invest in our friendship never fails to bring great returns.  A renewed connectedness, a refreshed spirit.

Our time was spent meandering through a bustling little lakeside town close by.  First things first, we got big cups of our favorite mocha made with actual melted chocolate.  You know, the one the truck veers towards whenever I make the trip to Chicago.
Those aren't dresses, they're nighties! So pretty that my friend tried on the yellow and grey floor length one and we weighed whether anyone would know it was pajamas or not. We decided, "Put a cardigan over top and no one would ever know!", but she didn't end up getting it.
We both bought a length of pretty oilcloth for projects at home.  The same pattern for both of us, please, because we're like that.  She bought a funny if not somewhat naughty coin purse because it fit her really-enjoys-to-shop self.....not that she actually espouses what it says in any way......but we did laugh all the way to the cash register.

Then we finished up our coffees while ambling through the antique mall, laughing hysterically at this and that, oohing and ahhing over lovely old things.
Because we can be a bit, umm.....slap-happy when we're together, it made perfect sense that she wear the vintage, happy Mexican fiesta apron around the store.  ("STOP taking a picture of me.)
We have almost identical tastes in everything, so I snatched up this cheap metal tray before she could.  {Hee, hee.}  My one purchase.
We each know they'll be no look of befuddlement on the other's face when the adorable barber's shop is pointed out with glee, old men snipping away in the same place for 40 years.  Only full appreciation and laughing agreement over our love of all things nostalgic.  So, occurrences of us squealing over old farmers wearing overalls or Amish men in hay wagons or bakers in hairnets or vintage household items with faces painted on them or blueberry bushes brimming with blue is nothing out of the norm as far as we're concerned.
Simply to escape the heat, we ducked into this original movie theater five minutes before a show started.  So, along with the other elderly ladies, we sat companionably side-by-side, laughing at the same bits of the movie for an hour and a half.
Alas, our time always flies by and soon enough we needed to head back to our homes and our responsibilities but you know what? I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to take on my good work here.....my emotional bucket filled to the brim.  And that and she are GIFT from God. Pin It