butter up your kitchen: how-to

You know I love it. Creamy, melty, salty, dairy goodness.
And I also just like the word "BUTTER".
It reminds me of...what else?  Butter!

When my BFF and I were at an awesome antique warehouse in Indianapolis last year, we oohed and ahhed and drooled over a huge metal sign with the word BUTTER handpainted on it, perfectly patina'd. It was sold (not that we could have afforded it). Anyways, I've never forgotten the sign that made me smile and I've been pondering how I could have my own someday.

Without much forethought, this is what I came up.
I grabbed chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby, got home and realized that I didn't get the "U".  Because I'm smart like that.
Scrounging around for a base for the letters, I came up with a scrap length of wood and some old cedar shakes left over from the chicken coop roof. I quickly puzzled pieced them together, overlapping some seams, kind of like a scrappy quilt.
To attach them to the board, I pounded out my stress on the nails....not that I have any stress. :)

I laid all the lovely letters out to get an idea of the spacing. See....this is before my return trip to Hobby Lobby. Luckily, it's only a mile away.
For a minute, I considered leaving the letters the grey color but my color love won out and I decided to paint them the color of butter (of course).
Oops, no photos were taken of the final step which was simply sticking down the letters with 3M sticky things.

Ta-da. Please excuse the next photo that was my quick attempt to stitch two pictures together.  The "T"s aren't really that close.
And you'll notice below the answer to my consistent pleading with my husband, "Can we please, please, pretty please paint the cupboards white??"
There you have it.
Since I only had to purchase the letters (because everything else I had on hand), my sign only cost $12 to make.  Yeah!
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