the rain won't thwart us!

We were determined to NOT let the dark, cold and rainy days get us down! Nope! More rain just meant more time for rest and reading and using their imaginations.


I blazed through Growing a Farmer, the author's candid account of leaving the city to live off the land. All of his failures and hardships did nothing to quell my dreams of living such a life. Even the leave-no-detail-out animal slaughtering chapters left me yearning to make my own bacon. I came away from the last page aching for more. I'm quite sure that city-to-country books are my favorite. Anyone have any good recommendations?
Along the same lines, The Practical Homestead was informing and lovely, as well, chock full of photos and varied land use plans that I appreciated. It was one of those books that I didn't want to return to the library. In fact, I just clicked BUY on Amazon seconds ago. :)
I started in on Give Them Grace and am still digesting it. Thoroughly convicting.
And as The Shape of a Year is something I like to savor outdoors, it was put on hold until the rain passes. (Which it hasn't...it's still raining today. Rain, rain, won't you please go away?)

In His perfect timing, good friends who we haven't seen in a long time were also up at the cottage we stayed at last week. Such a gift it was to hang out with them again, sharing meals and conversation and children-joy! The kids didn't let the cold and wet ruin their fun.
The big kids either...the men doing what men do...trying to kill outlast each other through the tubing beatings.

Our friend's cottages are lovely and peaceful and sit on the shores of a big lake but are located in the poorest county of Michigan. The nearby town's restaurant choices are places like Edie's Log Bar and Debbie's Sportsman Lounge and they are not nearly as quaint as they sound...not quaint AT ALL.  So we were thrilled to come across this new BBQ place that opened up. The braised pork sandwich was heavenly....smokey tender meat with a spicy white sauce...mmmmmm. My extrovert husband made fast friends with the owner, exchanging  phone #'s when we left.  I sat in the sun (yes, a minute or two of sun!) outside while they chatted it up.   (We found ourselves there 5 times in 2 weeks!)

The owner, Ben, threw down a challenge to my husband...betting him he couldn't finish his "Big Bang" sandwich in under 15 minutes. Sorry, Ben...that challenge was laughable. My husband and friend had those things gone in probably 5 minutes. Ben was so disturbed that he ended up creating a new sandwich, even bigger on a hoagie bun, and naming it after my husband, calling it "The Big Ugly"....ha, ha.  So, if you ever find yourself in Baldwin, MI, pay a visit to Ben and Amber and tell them the Big Ugly sent you!

We wouldn't have had this time away, this gift, if not for our friend's generosity in allowing us to stay at their cottages. Grateful thanks goes out to them for the way they showed Christ to us.

Now we're home for two days until we head out again on Sunday. Way up north to Sleeping Bear Dunes, camping in yet another gift of my sister-in-law's trailer, celebrating my second-born's 8th birthday, challenging ourselves on climbs of (supposedly) the largest fresh water dunes in the world. So, I must be off to laundry and packing and preparations.
Blessings upon your day!
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