the love of him and #1,043

Before anything else today,
I need to publicly say that

I love this man.
How he leads with strength and care.
How he leans on and learns from Him.
How he'd give his life for them....
and daily does.
How he loves us.
How he lets her reel it in.
He's gift to us and we're so very thankful.
He and I had a date night with dear, dear friends (you know the kind...the ones who know you inside and out and are truly like family, the kind you can completely relax with) at our tried-and-true favorite restaurant this weekend. 
 "Shouldn't we maybe try something different tonight?"
 "Do you want a delicious meal? With outstanding service?
And incredible atmosphere on the lake?
Yep, looks like we're heading there again."
And as usual, we weren't disappointed. Our buckets filled with the the perfect meal, and best of all, the fellowship of each other and true friends. 
(In case you're like me and wondering what our yummy meal was, I'll share! :) We all shared the hummus trio appetizer{edamame, roasted pepper and black bean hummus, pita points, fresh cut vegetables} then he and I split the bibb salad {rogue creamery smoky bleu cheese, toasted black walnuts, shaved bartlett pear, sticky chardonnay dressing} next we split the salt-and-pepper pork tenderloin {with sweet potato gnocchi,cherry-cranberry chutney, black walnuts, spinach} and ended with their tiramisu which knocks every other tiramisu we've ever had out of the park. Hungry yet? Sorry.)

The next morning, fresh from our time together, the whole of us ventured to pick out the reddest of berries at a local strawberry patch. "I have to make the jam TODAY so only pick the very ripest of berries." They were shockingly huge (compared to our garden's little gems). The sun was beating down and the air sticky sweet and we deposited another memory into the bank.

Look at the wonderful mess I made when we got home! Berry sludge EVERYwhere! Yum! I made just under 3 gallons of jam. That should be enough to bring us the summer sun throughout the long, dark winter.

I'll be taking a bit of a blog break this week (his wise leading). We'll be at a lake cabin up north soaking in the quiet and the sun and all of this and more....gifts from the Gracious Giver.



This one gift tapped out here today. 
My immeasurable thanks...
#1,043: us, together

Lord-willing, see you back here late in the week?
May yours be blessed,
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