mother's day gifts

My kids are the only Mother's Day gift I need. I know, I know...please no eye-rolling. If you knew me in real-life, you'd know that I'm N.O.T. one for sticky-sweet platitudes. But, truly, no flowers or perfume for me. Their simple offering of a hug-accompanied, "I love you, Mommy" fills my mothering bucket to the brim. Mother's Day feels backwards to me...the ME-honoring part (not the part where I thank and honor my Mom!). I want to thank the kids for the honor it is to be their mama, to take them aside and whisper love into their ear for being the one who made me a mother.

And on this day after, this mother's heart delights in her son with the inherent affinity for and abilities with all things living from His Father God and I laugh wonder revisiting these creature moments again with him (spanning only a few day's time). And intermixed with my boy-love photos is my God-love, numbering His gifts as a way of thanks.

(FYI: Herpetophobes beware....you may just want to scoot right past this post! :)
and he loves frogs, too

958. boys, Lord, thank you for boys

959. for making this one know how to make his mama laugh
2 water snakes at one time


960. their simplicity
961. how their first thought is to run and show me their treasure
962. mud splattered on their clothes
963. dirt permanently embedded under their fingernails

brother snappers
baby biter
964. spring and newborn creatures and all things new
965. sister's critter giddiness, too

beautiful pattern
966. Your creativity displayed...even on the belly of a snake
this boys loves snakes
967. warmer days
968. mango peach salsa on salty tortilla chips
969. rusty old, comfy-cushioned chaise lounge in the sun with a book and drowsy eyes
we loved you, turtley!
baby snapper release

970. their, "If you want ducks, Mom, we can bring you some eggs!" ("No, thanks, boys...I don't think robbing Mr. and Mrs. Mallard's nest is necessary.")
971. goslings and cygnets and ducklings everywhere!

northern water snake
head grip

972. together all day, every day
973. ohhh, grace and growth for this mother
975. resting in the truth that You have good plans for them
976. women who exhort truth
977. all creation sings your glory, Lord

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