book and airplane love

Sharing picture books that have put smiles on our faces!  Because....who doesn't love picture books??!

Today's book is Air Show! by Treat Williams and illustrated by Robert Neubecker. Yes, Treat Williams....you know, the actor who seems to be in a lot of Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.  I guess he's a pilot and if you care to read how this book came about, I found this tidbit written by the illustrator here.
Anyways, I'm sharing this book because the vibrant, detailed illustrations captivated my kids (and me, too)! Admittedly, we have a thing for airplanes around here but who wouldn't love these engaging pages?

It reminds me of the Blue Angels air show* we went to recently which was SO unbelievably, breathtakingly cool. Something about the power and precision of those planes and pilots just about brought tears to my eyes. I know, who cries at an air show, right? (*T
hat link takes you to a sweet interactive demo inside the cockpit....can't wait to show the boys tomorrow.)
The simple story is about a brother and sister and their pilot dad who flies them to the air show. It has plenty to spark the kid's imaginations and curiosity including lots of technical airplane jargon and illustrations which make you feel as if you are in the cockpit.  Aren't all those cartoony airplanes cute?
And extravagant fold-out pages with tons of flight eye-candy.
A simple, delightful book that we all highly recommend. Another one for the library list!

Hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend planned.
We're heading out of town to visit with my parents, worship at their church (woo-hoo!!) and go to Civil War Days which the boys are salivating over. They can hardly contain themselves. (Fake) gunfire and canons and smoke and getting to meet Abe Lincoln...boy heaven.
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