this was the day*

that the Lord gave us.
this is the day
we rejoiced and were glad in it.
paint boatall i could think of was this scene from forrest gump as we pulled into billy's seafood in bon secour, alabama. so authentically adorable. yes, i can use "adorable" to describe billy's, "if it swims, we've got it".
billy's sign
billy's insidedolphins were swirling just feet away. lucy was enthralled with finding pink oyster shells and the resident kitty. oliver, being oliver, entertained himself by pulling eyeballs out of discarded shrimp. yum.


paint boat

jesus tank
only one more full day in this lovely place.  sniff....
then, Lord-willing, off to visit with relatives in north carolina (yeah!) and a first-time-in-real-life visit with a beautiful friend in south carolina (yippee!).

*actually, we were at billy's on tuesday but that's how far behind i am with editing photos.  your grace, please?? i fear i may be posting about our trip for a couple of weeks!
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