the mish-mashiest ever

I'm taking a packing break to post this mish-mash of things today.
I've been editing photos here and there whenever I've had a spare moment but finally just said, "That's IT. Sit down and actually finish that post!"
So...our bags will have to remain half-packed for a bit while I chat with you. :)
Packing, you say? My parents have said yes to my begging graciously offered to let the kids and I tag along on their trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, (which was planned for the week after my schoolteacher husband's spring break). Yes, me driving alone with the kids for 17 hours...I'm adventurous like that. :) Don't worry about me. I actually love to drive and am confident with directions. We'll meet up with my parents at some point and caravan our way down.

We're SO looking forward to walking on the beach for miles, the warm sand on our bare feet, searching out the most wondrous shell treasures. And wearing flip-flops without getting sideways glances from fellow grocery-goers because it's 40 degrees outside. Thanks, Dad and Mom!

(And a note to would-be intruders, my BIG husband and BIG dog will still be at home, so, you're out of luck.)

So, I've been trying on (and actually buying) some summery clothes for our trip and I have a beef to vent. I don't know if anyone else out there has a problem with this or it's just me but....what's the deal with shirts being soooooo long....like giraffe long? Granted, I'm short waisted but seriously. Every shirt I tried on at Old Navy and Target stretched way down over my behind. SO not flattering. Since I, ummm, NEED to wear shirts, want to know my solution? I buy the long shirts, bring them home, and then slash inches off the bottom with my handy rotary cutter. Yes, I chop up brand new shirts. I like the raw edge (I'm talking about knit) and I adore that they're custom fitted to me! Yay!

Also, all my skirts from last summer were too big but still cute. So, I roughly took the sides in and am very pleased that I was able to spare myself from having to buy all new. Now, let me tell, you, I am NO seamstress. Besides skirts and dresses for Lucy, I don't normally make clothes. So, be encouraged! If you have minimal knowledge of your sewing machine, you can take in your skirts and still be able to wear them in public. And maybe think outside the box. This navy blue one below was a yoga skirt, you know, with a wide, fold-over waistband (that made me crazy). I chopped the waistband off, gathered it into a wide ruffle, and stitched it down the front. Ta-dah! From blah to "handmade-ish". (A sidenote: you should know that I'm not a perfectionist. I'm a "no-measure, get-it-done-NOW" kind of gal, so I don't mind seeing things like wonky stitching that might make you feel wonky.)
skirt refashion
And, since this is a mish-mash post, I thought I'd share the yummy lemon scones I made the other day from this recipe. Like sewing, I'm not much one for sticking to recipes, so I threw some sour cream into this one which resulted in cake-like scones (instead of crumbly). The kids said they were yum.
lemon glazed scones
Speaking of yum, or in this case, YUCK....have you heard of these crazy, ick JellyBelly tricky-flavored jelly beans? My husband came home with a box of these for the boys and challenged them to "take the dare"! Have a black jellybean? Well, it could either be licorice or skunk. A yellow one? Caramel corn or moldy cheese. Brown? Chocolate pudding or canned dog food. I'll spare you the other flavors. You can read for yourself here.
Oliver was out after the first taste of rotten egg but Eli? He kept right on eating, nasty ones and all, breathing in our faces which made us gag. They smelled truly terrible.  Don't know how he kept on eating them.  That boy must really like candy.

And, lastly, I thought I'd share that it's snake season again around these parts. The boy's favorite time of year. These six garters were all sunning themselves on the banks of the creek. Boy heaven we have here.
snake season again

snake season again
Well, I MUST get back to packing. Almost done...yippee! Would you say a prayer for our safety as we leave tomorrow at dawn? We rest in the grace He gives and that He always, always goes with.

May your travels bring blessing, friends,
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