gratitude: on the road edition

Hello again.
The kids are tucked in, all tuckered out, waterlogged, and sand on their pillows, I'm sure. The porch door is open and I'm hearing the waves lap the Alabama sands. We've been so blessed to be here and I've been itching to type my thanks out in this place. Itching yet it's hard to spend time in front of a screen when the sun and sea air has lulled me into a sleepy, sticky, blissful state. Still, I found my way here tonight and thanks to the Lord I give.
Every moment a gift.
919. patient traveling children
920. books on CD
921. sunshine and 40 degrees warmer just 4 hours south
922. windows down and
wind whipping through my hair
923. cities on rivers and iron bridge crossings
924. armadillo roadkill (exciting for a Northerner!)
925. getting out of the car and an 87 degree wall of warmth for these winter-weary bones
926. them all lined up
927. fuchsia flood of azalea blooms
928. market pit stop
929. veggies all the colors of the rainbow
930. trees dripping with moss - yeah!

931. we made it!!!
932. that distinct ocean air and even the grimy salt film on my face
933. otherworldly thick all-day fog
934. cloudless skies and sun bright since
935. their water glee
936. and endless energy
937. brothers who hold hands against the power of the waves
938. her now curly hair...all ringlets and blonding already
939. freedom to not care about my hair (no blow drying or curling, darn)
...knowing I'm powerless against the humidity-induced frizz :)
940. laughing black-faced gulls
941. white sugar soft sand
942. embroidering on the beach
943. reading on the beach
944. eating on the beach
945. walking on the beach
946. closing eyes against the sun and whispering thanks on the beach
947. hundreds of photos to edit and hundreds of moments that are memories made
948. His overabundant goodness

May all your moments today point you towards Him,
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