on our Lent-Easter garden

(This year's garden is still in the planning stages but I wanted to share this from last year. :)
Oh, what fun we had!

Back from the woods came the dirt-caked boys with an overflowing bowlful of moss sheets...along with the flattest, "just-right" stones.  Squirrelly second-born made a cross of two sticks...whittled to fit together.

I had left the house the day before on a pilgrimage to find the "just-right" miniature plants for our garden.  And Lucy and I traveled to a couple of stores to dig up the perfect-sized pot.

You see, last year when my eyes beheld their first such a garden...a garden like a visual parable....a garden to remind us of what He did...why He came...how it all happened...well, I just knew we visual-learners would have to make our own.

Daddy tried to help us carve a tomb out of the stone (but apparently, rock flown home from the Red Rock Canyon in Nevada is WAY TOO hard for his drill bit.  That's OK...we can envision it.  Thanks for trying, honey!)

On Palm Sunday, we'll plant some grass seed and wait for new life to sprout.  We'll light candles on the path leading to the tomb.  On Good Friday, we'll place the cross...remember His gift.  We'll also make a tiny caterpillar and place it in the tomb.  We'll wait and anticipate and then we'll rejoice at the sight of the butterfly Easter morning.  He is alive!

May all your paths
lead to Him today!

On an almost completely unrelated note, here are some photos of a garden we had the pleasure of perusing on our recent trip.  Just look at the array of color He created and gave man the mind to put together...

Colorfully yours, Megan
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