vintage valentines...the cute and the creepy

I LOVED Valentine's Day parties at school when I was little. Carefully signing all my cards. Walking around the room and choosing just the right one for each classmate. Getting back to my desk and being SO excited to read the cards I had been given. Maybe I would even find a heart-shaped sucker?!!

My youngest child, Lucy, goes to preschool across the way from us and so we have to make 10 cards for her to pass out on Thursday. I'm going to print out a two different vintage Valentine cards (boy and girl), cut them out (she'll do that with me), paste them onto some sort of a doily, and have her sign them. So, looking for images to print, I found some of the goofiest cards! Some are so weird, some are inappropriate, some are creepy. Some are just adorable.

What? Inappropriate!
These are sure to win her over.  Creepy!

What were they thinking??!
These cheesy food ones are cute.

Love this egg one!!

I heart this one below...it gives me a chuckle.

Lucy picked out these to use for her cards.
I'll erase the words using Photoshop so they'll be a space for her to sign her name.

Maybe I'll print this pretty page below to send to some friends.  You can find it here.

I could endlessly post these!  Fun!  And, sorry, I'm much too lazy today to link to where I found all of these but I will say that they all came from Flickr after searching for "vintage valentines" or "weird vintage valentines".  Have to go buy those doilies now!

I heart you!
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