i just want to be where you are

*warning: if you are dog-phobic or averse to words that are teetering between sticky sentimentality and cheesiness (i'm almost making my own self sick), then don't keep reading.  that said....

a beautiful blizzard

stunning snow patterns

calling to be captured




and old-timer Gatsby who MUST always follow
tromped through above-his-shoulders snow
to be near his mom




three years before our firstborn baby came along, he was our first baby
the young married couple with the yellow lab puppy
when we left for work, he would eat our shoes
i would come home for lunch just to pet him and let him out to play
on the weekends, we three would walk to the lake and
he would retrieve tennis balls, each one thrown further than the last



twelve years later that spry pup sleeps all day
walks with a limp
is full of lumps and bumps and
whines before conquering the steps
...there's definitely no giddy in his giddy-up


and we love him so
this known-him-the-least girl loves him the best


we almost cringe watching her love on him
his time
with us

how hard it will be...


we're mindful of that and we lavish the love all the more
give the extra long ear rub
the extra scrap of meat
a new bone

i know when he's gone i'll sorely miss his simple presence
his snoring, his crazy wagging tail, the clickety-clack of his claws
and his unconditional love, his listening ear, the comfort he brings

amazing, it is, that God can use an animal that He created to, in it's own way, reflect Him to us...His unconditional love and devotion, His acceptance and forgiveness, His patience, hope and excitement upon our return, His protection

and here's where i really turn up the cheese
but this video is true!

so thankful for our big yellow baby

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