bedroom makeovers-in-progress: a sneak peek

When we moved into our home three years ago, every room was painted some variation of tan/brown. Sigh. Now I know that for some of you, neutral colors are calming but for ME, my need for color is akin to my need for sunshine. That's how color makes me feel. Like the sun is shining on my face. (Which, consequently, it's doing right now...rising from the horizon beautifully.)

So, we're slowly (emphasis on s.l.o.w.l.y.) working our way through the rooms. Our bedroom was the first to meet the brush. The only room that was not tan but a depressing Williamsburg blue was transformed by buttery yellow paint. The homeschool room formerly sagey-khaki is now sky blue. Pink is shining from the girlie's room. Orange and marigold from the kid's bathroom. The main floor half bath is in a state of half-painted turquoise/half-original sagey-khaki awaiting it's white v-board paneling.

The boy's bedroom hadn't been touched until this weekend. While I was dropping the kids off at their grandparents house in the morning, Hubbie got to work emptying out their room, spackling the 5,001 holes in the wall, preparing for me to paint. His job was to be building loft beds like these awesome ones I had been so inspired by last October.

 Our plan was to surprise those boys with a room makeover. I had purchased new bedding around Christmas time....a bedroom design vision in my head. But, man, did that bedding look terrible against those dark walls in the meantime! (Which, honestly, I KNOW doesn't really matter but it still bugged me.) 

This is PAINFUL for me but for a reference point, here is the boy's "BEFORE" picture. {cringe}

I know.  Believe me, I know.

Since the room isn't QUITE finished, what follows are just a few peeks into what happened over the weekend.







Also, I've been chipping away at sprucing our bedroom up. A cover was made (entirely of thrifted linens) for the sad, white naked duvet. I finally figured something out for the ginormous blank wall behind the bed. Digging up different things from around the house, I didn't purchase anything....only using what I already had (yeah!).

After three years, it's starting to feel more like me. (I say, "me" because although our home is a shared space, my husband and sons have NO such care as to how their spaces are decorated. They know the joy feathering their nest brings to Mommy. Thankfully!) (Although, I will say, the boys would love it if we painted their walls camoflouge.:)

So, here are some sneak shots of our bedroom changes in progress.






I'd love to hear how you've been sprucing up your nest lately. 
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