thriving in winter


Inspired by Andrea's post on surviving winter, I thought I'd offer up a few tidbits on what winter survival looks like around here. I, like Andrea, am, how should I say...not the biggest fan of winter. Cold but bright and sunny is brilliant and beautiful and lovely and much more than tolerable. But cold alongside dark until April gets me down after a while. Also like Andrea, I tend to want to just hunker down here, stay wrapped in up layers in our cozy nest all winter long which, in the long run, eventually leads to boredom, lethargy, and stir-crazy kids.

Thankfully, my hubbie enjoys the snow, doesn't mind bundling up all the kids, and has made wintertime more bearable (even, dare I say, exciting) for us all by buying us a couple of (very used) snowmobiles from a former student. I certainly still grumble about having to wrestle into all my winter gear but, MAN!, zipping through the fields around here is TOO MUCH FUN! The kids love when Daddy pulls them in the "jet sled" behind the snowmobile around and around the house. And, I'll tell ya, there's something about screaming through the snow with the wind blasting my face that makes me feel like a teenager again (gee, I sound like a granny talking)! You should hear me laughing like a fool as I speed around. (The kids get a kick out of seeing their Mom look like a kid, too!)

Anyways, snowmobiling has shown me that if I force myself to leave the house to do something, it's never as bad (or cold) as I imagine it will be and it is almost always worth it. Definitely so if only for how much fun the kids have.  The same goes for our nature walks in the winter.  Before we head out, simply getting bundled sounds tedious but once we're out there in God's glorious creation, the tiny trouble of getting ready is long forgotten.  

We make an effort to do other things like bowling and roller skating, Bible study once a week, guitar lessons for one child, getting together with friends (with the snowmobiles through their fields + one harmless rollover by my mortified best friend = priceless memories!).




Indoors, something is baked every day. Something is created every day. Something is read aloud every day. If we had a fireplace, there would be fires every day but since we don't, candles are lit and the house is cozified every day (sure, cozified is a word).  Many, many projects are worked on, or at least started :).



(don't worry...she's just headed down to the blue house)

(This bath has been frozen in perpetual half-completion...half-primed, icky vanity painted...but it's one of my projects that I VOW to complete this winter. Maybe this weekend???)

And I couldn't agree more with Andrea's fifth way to survive winter,

"5. Being thankful and practicing gratitude. I am so looking forward to receiving Ann's book soon. It is perfect timing for me. I think that having a spirit of gratitude during this challenging time of winter will help me survive it."

Ahhhh!!! I can't WAIT to have Ann's encouraging, challenging, wise, Spirit-led words in my hands! CAN NOT WAIT!  (You've pre-ordered your copy, right?!)

So, I'm looking forward to not only surviving this winter but thriving in each day He gifts to me.

May you see Him in all this weekend!
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