let's play!

This little whippersnapper girl of mine makes friends faster than a hummingbird in love. We've not been at the library for three minutes, when she's hopping up and down and telling me, "My new friend, Avery, over there (pointing at white-haired little girl) is 4 and a half JUST LIKE ME!"  Library time always ends in her giving someone an awkward goodbye hug (awkward for the other girl, perfectly natural for mine).  ("Thanks for being my 17-minute friend!")

Recently she made friends with this little cutie from church.  And yesterday they had their first official "play date" here.  They were on the go from the moment little cutie walked in until her mom picked her up in the evening.  Dressing up in Lucy's clothes, painting pictures, making cookies, having tea parties, bundling up and braving the outdoors, thawing out and playing "Moses", as they called it.






Awww, it just cheers my heart watching these friends play together.

And, speaking of friends, I'm so thankful to God that he chose to have these two brothers born so close together.  It certainly wasn't my plan to be pregnant again when I was nursing my 9-month old firstborn.  But, OH, it has been such a blessing, these two boys who are best friends (and, yes, best enemies sometimes, as well).  His ways are always best!



And now for our cheesy 80's moment of the day. Won't you reminisce with me? Junior high...back of the church bus...singing our hearts out on the way home from the weekend retreat....

This one's for you, Lisa....friends are friends forever...(snicker, giggle)...

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