the happiest mail day!

Look what arrived in the mailbox...
one thousand gifts

Ann's book that I will be devouring as soon as possible.  Well, more like slowly savoring and not-wanting-it-to-end!

In case you have no idea what this book is about, here is the gist, summed up beautifully in Ann's words,

she says,
"No, I'll never stop the counting, never cease transcribing the ballad of the world, the rhyme of His heart. He and I, a couplet. Count one thousand gifts, bless the Holy One one hunderd times a day, commune with His presence filling the laundry room, the kitchen, the hospital, the graveyard, the highways and byways and workways and all the blazing starways, His presence filling me.
This is what it means to fully live."

And this mess of a girl (me, not Ann!) with chipped nail polish and her name counted in a list of thanks,

thanks the One who birthed the writing-woman-who-SEES into this world.

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