fleeting moments



The kids were playing with neighbor friends, he was having a snack. 

I told him I just wanted to
feel the wind.

And it is a moment, fleeting, speeding...a beautiful moment that is a gift in this life overflowing with Him.

And the endless counting of His gifts goes on and on and on.....
#689 - 707

thriving in winter and feeling like a kid again
gripping handlebars tight and laughing giddy
cold wind tears in my eyes

travel cups of coffee in hand
sunlight strewn church hallways
friends in the row behind
littlest girl's newest friend and the glee in their faces
little girl hugs

read alouds in school room with kids and blankets on beanbag
satisfaction in projects worked on
(clean) toilet bowl drinking dog
squeaking mice cozy warm sharing the chicken's coop
screeching, screaming pair of hawks yesterday
silly appliance that really does boil water lightning fast (faster coffee! thanks, Mom!)
mashed potatoes with golden butter dripping

eyes to see fleeting childhood
awakened ears
precious God-given friend who day-after-day mentors me in His ways
and the video made, her words spoken with her own voice, showing us more and more and more how all is gift

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