aflutter and abuzz

When days are short and time in these walls is long, I find my mind aflutter with creative ideas. I'm talking my brain is absolutely, wildly ABUZZ with images pinballing around, keeping me up at night. That's always been my "thing"...so many ideas, so little time.


I'm washing dishes and folding laundry and teaching about obtuse angles and my hands are itching to cut and sew and draw and paint and make. By His grace, truly trying not to get frustrated because I know there is a time for everything and I desire to be fully HERE in every moment whether reading aloud to the kids or running a zigzag stitch down fabric.

(tracing and cutting out to make these birds that will go in Lucy's room)

Over Christmas break, when expressing to my husband that I really needed a day all to myself, I explained that I didn't want to go out thrifting or anywhere else for that matter but that I wanted a day hidden away in the "contented sparrow studio" aka my (our) bedroom (which is where the sewing machine lives). And he lovingly gave me that precious time I needed to release some of that pent up creativity, taking the kids on errands with him, bringing me my lunch of brie and raspberries on crackers that I ate right there on the floor while deciding on fabrics for Lucy's duvet.  (This little girlie who is four years old has never had new bedding.  It's always been something thrifted or garage-saled...always waiting on Mommy to make something lovely for her bed.  Not that she cares, mind you, but it's always bothered me!)

It felt SO GREAT to get that duvet out of my head and onto her bed!



buttoned up


And some simple curtains were stitched up...what a difference a little fabric makes!

simple curtains


And today, after a relatively painless first-day-back-to-homeschooling-after-an-enormously-ridiculously-long-break, the kids got their creative juices flowing, too.  

her painting


firstborn abstract

lovely mess

o abstract

What satisfaction there is in creating something with one's hands!  Another gift He gives!

I would like to think that today I aspired to live quietly, minded my own affairs, and worked with my hands.

By His grace, I continue on... Pin It

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