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and, since i am already talking about my blog, one more thing about said blog. i've been chewing on something that ann linked to the other day. a post by michael hyatt that's challenging my thinking about having comments, or rather the lack of comments in this space. 

michael, while speaking reasons why he would quit reading a blog, says,
"You don’t participate in the conversation. You either don’t allow comments or don’t participate in them. Your posts are hit-and-run. You come into the room, make your little speech, and leave the building. I’m sorry, but that is so last-century. You’re not that important."

i'm wondering if anyone thinks that of me?  is put off that I seemingly don't participate in the conversation?  yikes, cringe!  please forgive me if that is what my "no comments" has said to you!

i feel the need to explain that i don't have comments enabled NOT because i don't want to hear from you (I DO!) or don't want to talk more with you (I DO!) or because i think i'm all important (I'M SO NOT!).  i did it to protect myself from pride, from being consumed by numbers, from the desire i might struggle with to check it all the time. 

would you care to let me know what you think?  i'll be prayerfully considering whether to turn the conversation on permanently or not but for today, comments will be enabled so i can hear your thoughts on blogs with comments vs. blogs without.

thanks in advance for your words and how you bless!
p.s. sometimes i'm just too tired for capitals :)
*edited to add:  well, this is very weird but when i view my blog, i can't see a place to leave comments yet i've received some comments.  can you all see where to comment?  strange.  obviously, i'm technically challenged!
*edited again to add: thanks to lovely reader, timberlynn, i've figured out that i can only see comments when i click on the actual post...but not from the main page.  at least now i know why some people were seeing it and some people weren't and that makes me feel a bit better. :) Pin It


  1. megan,
    it's totally fine that you don't have comments. honestly, when i read michael hyatt's article i felt sad for him, for portraying himself in the light that he did. you have a beautiful place here, and your reasons for not having comments are humble and deeply appropriate. also, you are accessible through email, and a wonderful email companion if i may say so! enable comments if you want, but either way is completely fine. blessings and grace to you megan!

  2. Yes, I also felt a little bit put off by Hyatt's article & didn't entirely agree with him. I like people with eclectic interests - renaissance women, if you will. :) I was confused at first about how you don't allow comments, but immediately saw the wisdom in it - and wondered if I could ever be as brave. I do think it is a courageous thing to do - and I say you should do what your heart tells you.

  3. Megan,
    This is entirely your decision to make, just as this blog is your space. You know yourself, and if disabled comments allow you to share what is a lovely space with us while avoiding certain pitfalls for yourself, that sounds a lot like discernment to me.

    Blessings to you!

  4. I think everyone should do what they feel in their heart is the best for themselves and their blog. I personally LOVE the conversation among women in the comments box and do miss that when someone doesn't allow comments. Do what's in your heart...no judgment here!

  5. I turned my own comments off for a while, because I was being driven by numbers. Then I missed the interactiveness of my blog, so I started allowing them again. Some days, I am driven by numbers even though I try so hard not to be, and it gets ugly at times.(Though when I have comments, some times I feel obligated to respond, which leads to pressure I don't want or need.)

    As for other blogs allowing comments or not...sometimes I like that because I don't feel obligated to leave a comment that really says nothing of real value anyway. Sometimes I really want to let the author know how he/she touched me and leaving a comment seems easiest. But there's always email, too.

  6. I think you should decide what is best for yourself. We can't see people's motives. I have however, wished I could post a comment here many times. The little comment I had didn't really warrant a whole email. But, that said, it's something you're prayerfully considering, so no doubt God will lead you to the right decision.

  7. Megan if you look all the way at the bottom of the comments people have already left it says "post a comment" and it leads you to a page where you can comment:)
    I admire you for not having comments enabled....I would have never thought anything negative about that! Like the others have said you have to do what YOU feel is right for you and what God is telling you to do!
    Blessings cousin!

  8. Hey...I have wanted to comment here several times, myself. :) I do agree with Aimee, and I have also found friends through comments on blogs, one that I have actually met now!! I say do whatever you like, really, but I love to read others' comments sometimes, too...
    Hope you know that you have a beautiful space here!!

  9. I have not read the article, so I will just say there has been a time or two that I really wanted to comment on what you had written and was sad that I could not, but I was not in any way offended. You have to do what is best for you and your family, and I understand that.

  10. First of all, I want to say that I just love your blog, and have wanted to leave you a comment before... But, in no way have I been offended by not being able to. I see it as the other ladies do, as humble and brave. I read his article yesterday, and I think a blog is wonderful when it reflects who the person is, and how they live their lives. And I love yours!

  11. Terri Willett07 January, 2011

    I love your blog. I love that you share of yourself AND set boundaries to protect your time. And even though I enjoy communicating, I love that you do not have the comment thing turned on. There is something to be said for simplicity. If we, your readers, have something to say, we know how to email you.

    Blessings to you and yours! :)

  12. Just popping in to join the conversation here. :) (Although I STILL haven't figured out why I can't see the "post a comment" thing under my posts....ugh! I got here by a round-about way.)

    Thank you all SO very much for your kind and honest words...for sharing your heart with me. Honestly, I'm as torn as I was before but am confident He'll lead me to the right decision! It sure has been fun reading your words today though.

    I'm off to bed and looking forward to a day of nothing tomorrow. Hope your Saturday is peaceful, too! Blessed to journey with you!

  13. May I chime in here?

    Megan, I too read Hyatt's post yesterday after following a link from the lovely Ann who also seemed to be pondering the same thing. I, too, currently have comments disabled on my blog and for the exact same reasons as you do.

    I am constantly in a tug-o-war with this flesh of mine to seek only His approval, His acceptance, His attention. For me, I need to focus on blogging for my audience of One. I want the freedom to blog without obligation and I want to give my readers the chance to read without obligation to comment, follow, subscribe, etc.

    Moreover, as a mother of 8 gloriously animated little beings, my life is so chock-full of duties, diapers, and dialogue that I don't want to be distracted by constantly checking stats and comments. Counter-cybercultural? Yes, but it's how I choose to walk this talk of humility, focus, and grace.

  14. Hi Megan!

    I so love your blog.

    You have really inspired me to become closer with Him, in a different way than I had before.

    Your prospective that you share in your blog is so refreshing to me. So colorful. So pleasing to the senses. So tasteful. So so so... oh my.

    Oh, and you led me to Ann, whom I'd never even heard of before!

    In regards to comments on your blog... I'm sure that if you had them enabled, that I would have commented on many a posts, and I also might add, that I'm not the type of person to post on blogs. I'm usually more of a lurker.

    In my experience, the internet can really take you in, and take away from your REAL life. I personally battle with this constantly. It's real easy for me to get online with the idea to just do one or two things and then 10 things and 2 hours later, I'm not sure how I got to where I am, or if I'm really a much better person because of it. I feel like my time gets a little scattered and lost and that I loose sight of living real life.

    So turn leave the comments off or turn them on. Either way, I will still come back again and again to drink up the thing that is your blog! I don't think that having comments disabled takes anything away from what you have going on here.

    Thanks for sharing what you share. So inspiring you are to me!

  15. I wanted to add, I also cannot see your comments when I look at your blog from the main/home page.

    I can only see them if I click on your actual post.

    Then it takes me to that posts own page and there at the bottom, you will find the comments.

    I'm not too sure why they aren't showing up from your main page. Maybe it's something in your coding? You've beautifully personalized this space so well! Maybe the comments from the main page got lost somehow when you were making your place SO pretty!

  16. I think you should do what feels right and best to you. I thought the Michael Hyatt piece was a bunch of elitist hooey. And that's saying it nicely. Thankfully we aren't competing for publishing space and a paycheck, so each of us can just use these blogs the way we want to or the way we feel God has called us to use them.

    Nothing irks me more than being told what to do by some corporate dude. :) Power to the people, Megan! *hee*


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