the tree and homeschool blessing


We've been going to the same cut-your-own Christmas tree farm for years. For a few days, we contemplated going to a farm that wasn't quite so, ummm...expensive. But after researching online, no other farm met our requirements of having Fraser firs, hot chocolate, farm dogs, a fire with marshmallows to roast, wagon rides, and the all-important free greens for the taking! So, back to the favorite farm we went and we were sooo glad we did. What were we thinking almost forsaking it for another?  In an effort to cut costs, we cut the trunk short and the tip off and our beautiful tree ended up being the least expensive in years! Yeah! You bless, Lord!








Last night, after finally getting the tree all lit (an all-time record in slowness for me), my husband finds me in the bedroom sewing away on Christmas gifts to tell me that, "All the lights on the tree just went out". "Ha, ha, VERY funny!" I laughed at his words which MUST be a joke. "Oh, no, I'm dead serious." Not daring to go downstairs to actually look, I went to bed only to wake up with thoughts of dread about having to relight that tree....that the fuses of 12 strands were fried.

Uugh, I found he really wasn't kidding when I came down this morning. In a hurry to get to 5:30 workout class, I did some quick fiddling around with extension cords and figured out that JUST the last strand had blown! Yeah!!! Thank YOU, Lord!



And lastly, I present reason #132 of how homeschooling blesses us (How He blesses us through it)...
9:30 am and them outside playing in the season's first snow. (Looks like school will be in the afternoon today!)  As I type they're zipping down the hill in the jet sled, shoveling the drive, making snow angels, and I can hear their squeals of joy from inside.

May you squeal with joy today at what He's done for you!
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