He alone does marvelous deeds

"Praise be to the LORD God, the God of Israel,
who alone does marvelous deeds.
Praise be to His glorious name forever;
may the whole earth be filled with His glory."
Psalm 72:18-19



Look at what God has done!  Look at what you've allowed Him to do through you.  Thank you for your obedience.  For listening to Him nudge you and responding in faith for HIS GLORY!

Thank you to the Craigslist stranger (a sister in Christ) who wouldn't take any money for the big bag of shoes.  

Thank you to my friends who went shoe shopping, filling bags for Christ.  

Thank you to the woman who had already spent her giving fund but listened and obeyed when the Holy Spirit whispered, "What about that $10 you have tucked away for lunch?"

Thanks to all of you who are already supporting Africa in other ways yet still felt the need to bless these particular children.

And, forgive me, here I am passing out the thanks when you didn't do this for ME (me...cracked, dripping pot me? that He would show such favor by granting me this joy...i'm still in awe) but for Christ, out of love as He has shown YOU love.


May I be very honest a minute?  I've struggled whether to share the actual numbers with you or not....numbers, as in $ donated.  I don't know....I've never done this kind of thing before!  I've had "in real life" friends inquire as to how much $ was donated and I happily told them.  And you're all my friends, right?  Do you want to know?  Just know that I'm leery in talking #'s because it frightens me to come off as, "Look what I was able to do for orphans".  Or even, "Look at what these people did for orphans," when it's Christ alone!!!  May He alone be magnified here!!!

So, not including the new and used shoes that were donated, the grand total was $1,187.50!  We filled two bags to the bulging point-of-no-return for $330 which means that there is a substantial sum to be donated to the House of Hope! Yeah!  

Now, listen to this...I am SO excited about this part.  I let our missionary friends, the Hovinghs, know about the extra money and here is what Jason wrote back about what will be done with it....

*Jason said, "The money will be put into an account for buying shoes in Kenya for the children. What started as getting enough shoes for the children has turned into plenty of shoes, amazing stories of how some of them were given, paid for and found and now there are funds for future shoes. Joel often says the kids are growing out of their shoes and need new ones. The funds will likely last through next year and more.

Another advantage is we can help spend the extra funds on shoes in Kenya from people who need business. It can help the economy in the Naivasha area. We would love to take pictures of the kids with shoes and some of the stores that we can buy shoes from including used shoe vendors in the market."*

(Me again)...did you hear that?  A shoe fund for the kids that will last well over a year and includes the added benefit of supporting the local Naivasha businesses!  Praise God!


I'll keep you up to date with the goings-on at the orphanage.  You've graciously given shoes but I thought I'd let you know that you can sponsor one of the children who lives at the House of Hope, as well!

We still have to drop all of this off so, hopefully, I'll get some photos tied up with a bow and posted before Christmas.  

Christmas!  Love came down and rescued me, set me free!

Joining all you beautiful rescued people in awaiting the joyful celebration of His amazing birth,

P.S. If you care to explore more of the House of Hope, behold more faces...I found a video from a church in Missouri's 2009 trip to the House of Hope...(oh, to bathe those babies, sigh)

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