the internet connection today

and us





snowflakes were made with scissors and copy paper

the tiny white debris like a sprinkling of snow on the carpet

we read and we read and we read and we read some more
and after night fell and still at the table
and the candle lit

we read some more
the most important reading of the day
about the waiting
about His coming...

a bit of His Words over here

and selections from our annual advent readings

day two of this, firstborn hanging the globe symbol from spindly branch in blue mason jar

and the second chapter of this, the third book and final book in the series, much-loved by the boys


and it's all good
it's all great, in fact

and the endless thanks for His endless gifts continues
#642 - #652

"don't forget the advent readings tonight, mommy!"
melted marshmallows in hot chocolate
hot chocolate rings around child lips
engaging stories, amazing illustrations, attentive ears
him sawing down the tree, heave-hoeing it on his strong back
said tree halfway lit since sunday and that's ok
turkey gravy
two new hens in the coop
down comforter and cool sheets
pants too short, growing children (too fast)
abundance of advent celebration ideas
He comes, He came!!!

holy experience
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